Trent Williams’ Pro Football Focus overall score of 97.8 from the 2021 regular season led the NFL. In fact, it was the highest rating ever given by the analytics site. Now some will criticize the grade, arguing that you can’t call an offensive tackle the best player in the league.

Don’t tell that to All-Pro tight end George Kittle, Williams’ San Francisco 49ers teammate.

“Trent Williams is the best football player in the NFL,” Kittle said on Friday The Pat McAfee Show (h/t NBC Sports Bay Area). “I do not care. You could talk to me about any other player in the NFL. Trent Williams is the most god gifted person I have ever seen. He literally has the lower body of a wide receiver and the upper body of a silverback gorilla. And he could literally kill anyone if he wanted to.”

Williams’ 86.0 pass blocking score was his highest since 2016 (91.4). His 97.9 run-blocking score was easily the best in the NFL. Dallas Cowboys guard Zack Martin got the next best run blocking score — 92.8.

“Watch him play,” Kittle continued. “In one game, he fakes a punch and drops a guy’s head on the floor. And the next game, he just shoots through your chest and flat-backs you. You can’t do anything about the guy. Attempts to pass rush him.

β€œHe played in the NFC Championship Game with a sprained ankle and played at a high level. The only way to beat Trent Williams is when he’s injured. It’s crazy. He’s literally the best player in the NFL. Aaron Donald is up there too. I’m a huge Aaron Donald fan. He’s amazing, so Aaron, don’t get mad.”

Then you have the viral block above against the Green Bay Packers in the playoffs, where Williams paves the way for ball carrier Elijah Mitchell. It’s just one example of Williams’ value on the 49ers’ offense. Kittle told a funny story about this particular piece. “That’s really great because we looked at it as an offense — the play that we ran in practice — because the defense didn’t know it was coming,” Kittle said. “And the D end on the side, I can’t remember who it was but I’m pretty sure he just turned and ran on the sidelines. Like he just ran out of the way completely.”

Can you blame him? There probably aren’t many NFL players who would willingly try to stop Williams from rumbling past them at full speed as if he were a full-back.

To think the 49ers acquired Williams, an All-Pro and nine-time Pro Bowl pick, for just a fifth-round pick in 2020 and a third-rounder in 2021 is insane.