A change in the toxic NIL system is urgently needed

Thankfully, Georgia football wasn’t part of the stupid cat fight between Alabama and Texas A&M, but it did raise some questions about the NIL situation.

This topic is sensitive, so before I lose everyone, this article isn’t saying that players shouldn’t get paid because they should.

However, the NIL system is very buggy at the moment and needs a lot of tweaking to make it truly fair across the board.

Georgia isn’t exactly seeing the negative impact of the NIL stuff just yet. However, as schools like Texas A&M and other SEC initiatives see larger numbers, it’s impacting Dawgs.

Also, the allegations that Alabama head coach Nick Saban leveled at Texas A&M’s Jimbo Fisher bring up other issues with the NIL that people may not fully understand.

Georgia Football is not the only school that would benefit from regulation of the NIL system.

The NIL system allows players to make money by selling their name, image and likeness rights while protecting them.

If only Todd Gurley and AJ Green had been there, the Lord knows how those years would have gone for Georgia.

However, the current system has it at the state level, which means NIL activities must comply with the law of the state where your school is located.

Colleges and universities need to ensure this is within state law to avoid problems.

However, every state is different, which is why addressing the issue now is so important. There has to be a standard rule for all 50 states, lest one state spend millions of dollars while another can only spend a few thousand.

Schools can’t compete with money from states like California and Texas. Even in Alabama, where Bryce Young already has $1 million in NIL endorsements. There’s just too much movement.

Regardless of whether Fisher was a “paid player” or not, that’s not the point. The point is to make it fair across the board, because the numbers don’t lie, and to see Texas A&M suddenly bring the best class in recruiting history rings a bell and raises some red flags.

While Georgia and Alabama have controlled recruitment for the past six years, the way people are handling it seems childish. Texas A&M offered ZERO deals, and it’s scary because Saban and Smart recruit at an old-school level.

Smart Adapts and the Dawgs have a solid NIL initiative, but at the same time they don’t offer those six figures. Even Jackson State’s Dion Sanders is under scrutiny for getting Travis Hunter into it and allegedly signing a million-dollar NIL deal. Reports have surfaced saying it’s not true, so there are a lot of rumors without much substance.

Regardless of 5-star or non-star status, a player should be able to go where they want and when it comes to a NIL deal so that they make things better for their family – good for them.

However, it needs to be regulated so that this constant he-said-she-said stuff can be silenced. If every school has the same opportunities to land players, it shouldn’t matter.

It’s silly that Saban felt like he threatened to call Fisher, but at the same time it had to happen because maybe this stuff can start to be regulated.

Georgia would benefit because Smart recruits to get kids into the NFL and the NIL deals come as soon as they’re enrolled. This NIL initiative is the smartest way because they really want to go to Georgia not just for the NIL money.

However, I’m not saying it’s not okay for a player to immediately choose a school that offers it, as it boils down to what’s best for the child and not the fanbase.

This isn’t the case everywhere, but we also don’t know the personal lives of most of these recruits, so that alone should be enough to stop condemning these kids for NIL deals.

Tennessee have signed a massive recruit and rumor has it he’s in for a six-figure ZERO deal — who cares if the player needs that. These kids need to learn fast about money and what that kind of money can do for them. Assuming they can learn to deal with that, that’s good for them, especially if they’re NFL caliber.

The NIL Systems can be an excellent tool for college football and these players. They are privileged, can go to school for free and have many more perks, but at the same time they need their own money.

Bag-men and those recruiting days are over — and even Georgia had a bag-man. All major schools did. Some were just smarter than others about how they supposedly paid kids.

Now they can do it legally, but there are still a lot of sketches out there and regulation would be the best thing to do.

Before those zero deals get out of hand, regulation can help keep them in check while ensuring these players are still making money. Fans buy shirts, want autographs and everything else, let those players make the money, but at the same time, when we’re offering million dollar deals, then make sure those kids know how to handle that money and can learn, deal with it responsibly.

This NIL system can be amazing when done right, and after the cat fight between Saban and Fisher it obviously needs to be changed.

Georgia football and the rest of college football will only benefit from regulating and finding a good rule book through these NIL initiatives. Players should be paid for their NILs, but raising them is also crucial.

Regulating isn’t wrong when done right, and now’s the time to find the perfect mix before this new college football world is turned on its head.

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