Balance is key in Pat Sherwood’s hectic schedule

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Pat Sherwood learned about CrossFit in 2005 after speaking to Dave Castro and became a prominent part of the company for several years. He has worked on approximately 200 seminars as part of the HQ training team, programmed some events for the CrossFit Games, and served as a presenter/analyst for the CrossFit Games Update Show.

Sherwood’s life is just as busy now, but in a different sense. He programs workouts and creates content for CrossFit Linchpin and covers some of the community’s biggest topics on a podcast with Adrian Bozman. He is also a husband and father to two stepsons and a toddler.

Sherwood has limited time to get fit, but he makes the best of those opportunities. Sometimes he has to train in his living room. Other times he can make it to the garage and use a variety of gadgets.

  • “It’s harsh but bearable, you know, a good way of saying it. And it’s also, in a weird way, a good proof of concept. People are always like, “Man, you can go a long way in 30 minutes in the gym. You really can.”
  • “And even if life is just plain crazy when you choose that maintaining your health and fitness will be important to you, even when life is crazy, you probably have 30 minutes a day sometimes.”

A limited time doesn’t mean Sherwood’s training has gone slack. He had a reputation for creating some spicy workouts during his time at HQ, and he’s had some willing victims in Tommy Marquez, Heber Cannon, Rory Mckernan, Marston Sawyers, Charlie Dube, and Wilson Tang, among others Sustainability changed, but there’s still a healthy mix of grueling workouts, heavy sessions, and fast burners.

  • A fitting example of changing programming and the need for balance is a simple 150 dumbbell power snatch workout. Sherwood completed the workout while watching his child and he completed it in 17 minutes due to some child-induced rest periods.
  • It’s a completely different workout Linchpin test 13, That’s a 400-meter dash, 20 burpees, a 400-meter dash, 19 burpees, and so on until you reach a remaining burpee. This grueling test, fitted with a weight vest, has a time limit of 90 minutes.

“It’s nice to go for a long walk every now and then just to have time. It’s nice to move the body. And it’s nice, because honestly, it’s just part of the variance that you have to hit every now and then. But it’s good when the schedule frees up and you can get out again.”

Achieving fitness is just part of Sherwood’s busy schedule. The Varied Not Random podcast with Adrian Bozman takes extra time to create, and the two presenters take every opportunity to provide a variety of information ranging from nutrition to how they approach training styles.

  • “I’ve really enjoyed some of the ones we’ve done recently because we basically answered questions from the community. And I think the one that was posted [recently] was titled ‘Mailsack’, like Mailsack by the community.
  • “Rather than just taking a topic that someone asked for a whole show out of it for like 30 or 40 minutes, we would take three or four themes and only spend maybe five to seven minutes on each.”

How does he make it all work? Balance is an even bigger focus. Sherwood didn’t spend much time watching Netflix or going to the movies, but he did make enough time to fulfill his work duties, fulfill his family role, and get in 30 to 60 minutes of exercise.

  • “We all have a certain number of hours in the day that we can use how we want to use them. And right now, I’m just at the stage in my life where I have the hours each day that I need to somehow get all the work that I want and need to do, to get to the standard that it’s done to should be and must be done.”
  • “I try to be a husband to my wife and then I try to be a stepfather to my two boys and a biological father to my daughter. I’m trying to sneak into the gym – it’s a busy day, 30 minutes. If it’s a beautiful day and the baby sleeps wonderfully, I’ll be 60. That being said, there’s not really a moment of the day that isn’t busy with some task.”

Eventually, Sherwood’s schedule will ease up. It’s inevitable as his stepsons and daughter grow. For now, he will continue to stick to this tight schedule, which he describes as a personal choice, and will focus on using balance and discipline to succeed.

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