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Former Florida Gator wide receiver Chris Doering spoke to Steve Russell on the sports scene about the college football landscape.

A native of Gainesville, Doering attended the University of Florida and was drafted in the 1996 NFL Draft. He played professionally in Indianapolis, Denver, Washington and Pittsburgh.

During his time in Florida, Doering caught 149 receptions, the sixth-most in Gators history, and mustered 2,107 yards, the 10th-most in Gators history. He also had 31 touchdowns with the Gators, which is the most in Gator history and the second-highest in SEC history behind DeVonta Smith.

Doering spoke to Russell about the difference in fan engagement in the ’90s compared to today and how to fix it.

Chris Doering speaks ZERO

In the new era of the NIL, the focus has shifted from student-athletes’ right to receive a deal to how much money they make from the deal. Doering and Russell discussed the possibility of unionizing or including workers in an organization to bargain jointly with employers.

Joining a union means student-athletes have a say. They would negotiate important elements of their careers in cooperation with their sponsors. This could include different health care options, improvements in workplace safety, and being labeled as an employee instead of a student-athlete.

Doering spoke about the uncertainty of NIL deals and contrasted it with salaries in the NFL.

Florida Gators in the SEC

Doering spoke about how he thinks the Gators have performed over the past two seasons. He also discussed his opinion on whether or not Florida will have a year of recovery.

Doering gave two reasons why he thinks the Gators will be able to bridge that gap: location and resources. Doering is in one of the best states for recruits and believes they need to discourage recruits from leaving Florida to go to other out-of-state schools like Alabama or Georgia. Additionally, Florida State’s flagship school and dedicated boosters can bring in some much-needed resources to keep these recruits from leaving the state.

Anthony Richardson and the importance of consistency

Gator quarterback Anthony Richardson made his first starting quarterback against Georgia last season. He also scored his first career rushing touchdown on a career-best 73-yard rush during Florida’s season opener against Florida Atlantic.

Doering spoke about Richardson and how important it is for him to learn consistency and stay healthy for the upcoming season.

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