College football coach for York County high school program resigns

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After 33 years of high school football and four years after his sophomore stint at Red Land High School, Frank Gay has stepped down as head coach of the Patriots.

Gay resigned as director of the York County program Wednesday morning after speaking to family and friends over the past few days, he said. His resignation is pending approval by the West Shore School District Board of Education.

Gay cited frustration and the attrition of the coach over the past four seasons as his top reasons for retiring.

“I’ve been trying to change the culture at Red Land for four years,” Gay said in a phone call Thursday morning, “and it’s been a really tough process, I’m not going to lie.” but I was getting more and more frustrated with the kids not showing up and the kids we count on or they missed and they have this excuse. And here I am, frustrated in front of the kids who are really good kids who show everything and see me in that light. And here I am, and I’m close to them. It’s not fair to them, it’s not fair.

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