Fantasy: 2022 schedule matrix strength

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The Fantasy Power of the Schedule Matrix is ​​used to determine the overall difficulty of players’ matchups from week 1 through week 18.

The number 1 team is predicted to see the lightest board while the number 32 team will face defenses projected to allow for the fewest fantasy points for that position.

Our model accounts for several variables, including historical defensive data, off-season roster changes, new coaching staffs, home/away splits, and individual player pairings.

You shouldn’t use this chart to decide whether to design someone. Rather, it should serve as an additional data point to break connections between players you’re considering. The impact on players at the extremes (green or red) will be far greater than the differences between players in the middle (yellow).

Fantasy strength of schedule


  • The quarterback is incredibly deep this season, but there are a few late-round goals that should get a boost from their improved situations and favorable schedules. As well as new coaching staffs, Daniel Jones (first) and Trevor Lawrence (second) will also enjoy the two lightest slates. Veteran Matt Ryan (Fifth) is another name to watch now that he’s surrounded by better offense in Indianapolis, and he gets the fifth softest set of fantasy opponents.
  • As Patrick Mahomes and Lamar Jackson try to adjust to life without their former top receivers in Tyreek Hill and Marquise Brown, respectively, they will be forced to contend with two of the most challenging defensive plans. The arms race that has taken place in the AFC West and AFC North this offseason is partly responsible for Mahomes (30th) and Jackson (32nd) ending up in the red in the table above. That’s no reason to shy away from two of the best fantasy quarterbacks in the league, but it should make you want to pull Josh Allen and Justin Herbert over them if you’re planning on handing out an early pick for a quarterback.
  • While many signs point to Tua Tagovailoa (29th) and Zach Wilson (31st) as potential breakout candidates this season, the schedule isn’t one of them. The upgraded talent surrounding the two young passers should be enough to master even the most brutal matchups, but the level of difficulty remains high compared to the opponents.

Running backs

  • Fantasy executives were disappointed to find out that Javonte Williams has at least one more season to date Melvin Gordon. However, there’s still plenty of hope for Denver’s sophomore star, including the arrival of a true franchise passer in Russell Wilson and the second-friendliest running back. In fact, the Broncos are the only team to finish in the top-8 on the easiest schedules for every position. Be sure to invest in this offense for fantasy reasons.
  • Spending early picks to win ball carriers on poor offenses can be a dangerous fantasy approach, so it’s understandable if people want to avoid David Montgomery. However, it’s worth noting that the Bears have ranked 11th and 12th in terms of return schedules over the past two years, and Montgomery has delivered 2020 as RB9 in fantasy points per game and 2021 as RB20. Now he will step down this year with the best possible schedule of anyone. Although its ceiling is somewhat limited, Montgomery is capable of producing as a mid- to high-end fantasy RB2.
  • Draft Falcons running backs are at your own risk. Starter Cordarrelle Patterson is 31 and coming off an extremely late breakout campaign that could end up being a breakaway season. Other managers might see veteran Damien Williams or rookie Tyler Allgeier as sleeper candidates, but with the toughest fantasy backs schedule coming up in 2022, keep your expectations low for this entire backfield.

wide receiver

  • With Amari Cooper traded away and Michael Gallup still recovering from a cruciate ligament rupture, CeeDee Lamb has a chance to be among the leaders in goals per game – a category in which he was 30th a year ago. Combine that with a top 3 fantasy plan among receivers and we could be talking about Lamb as league winners in 2022 Warren Sharp.
  • AJ Brown’s move from Tennessee to Philadelphia helped him move from the 10th hardest schedule of his position to the easiest. This should help offset the impact of joining the league’s weakest passing attack from 2021 onwards. With Brown close by, it’s likely the Eagles will build on last year’s 494 total pass attempts. They could even finish ahead of the Titans, who were 25th at 535. Either way, as a low-end fantasy WR1, Brown should be set for a recovery season.

  • If you were planning to scour the Patriots Receiving Corps for a discounted fantasy option, you might want to look elsewhere. New England has the sixth-toughest chart for wideouts, while its running backs and tight ends are both in the green with top-8 schedules. It may be obvious, but that offense will come mostly from his backfield, led by Damien Harris, and his starting tight end, Hunter Henry. It’s unlikely any of the Patriots’ receivers will get enough volume to be consistent fantasy options.

tight ends

  • Aside from a few elite players on the position, you could make the case for 15-20 other tight ends that have a legitimate chance of posting top 12 fantasy numbers this season. Dalton Schultz (fifth) and Pat Freiermuth (fourth) should be prime targets in your designs as they have the right mix of previous production, upcoming opportunities and favorable schedules.
  • Darren Waller won’t be disappearing off the fantasy radar anytime soon, but his days as a top 3 fantasy tight end could be over if target pig Davante Adams joins the Raiders. Waller, who turns 30 this season, will look to offset the looming decline in goals with more trips to the end zone. Unfortunately, he will also fight the second toughest collection of opponents among fantasy tight ends. It’s time to change our assessment and consider Waller more of a mid-range TE1 in the imagination.

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