John Cena, Drew McIntyre, Triple H: WWE Stars and the Football Teams They Support

Football fans gear up for the final day of the Premier League season this Sunday, including some of WWE’s most iconic Superstars.

Because WWE is a global company, many WWE Superstars are fans of the beautiful game and supporters of some of Europe’s biggest clubs.

GiveMeSport crushes WWE’s biggest football fans…


Sheamus goes all 1995 with his Liverpool shirt.

A true Red, Sheamus is a lifelong Liverpool fan and has the knowledge to prove it. Speak to the Celtic warrior about Liverpool for more than five minutes and you’ll see exactly how long he’s been a fan and how much he has to say on the subject. As part of The Bar tag team, he even had the club crest sewn onto his clothes.

The Irishman is a regular at US meetings for the US-based Liverpool fan club and was present at the 2019 Champions League final when Jurgen Klopp’s men beat Tottenham and lifted their sixth European trophy. The multiple world champion has also been on numerous outlets to talk about the Reds, including the popular Anfield Wrap podcast.

His collection of Liverpool kits is also quite impressive – especially the interviews he did in Liverpool’s classic 1995-96 giant-collar home shirt.

Drew McIntyre—Rangers

Drew McIntyre is a huge Rangers fan

The Scottish warrior is likely to be licking his wounds this week after watching his beloved Rangers’ heartbreaking defeat in the Europa League final, a clear sign of McIntyre’s deep love for Glasgow’s blue side.

Whenever WWE is on a UK tour, Drew regularly visits the talkSPORT towers to speak with WWE and Rangers and has openly admitted in the past that he was blown away at being able to chat with Gers legend Ally McCoist.

The former WWE Champion – who won Rangers’ 2021 SPL victory with a famous high-five celebration with his cat – was a major reason why WWE brought a stadium show to the UK for the first time in thirty years. Perhaps his next mission will be to get WWE to host an event at the Ibrox itself.

Wade Barrett-Preston North End

Wade Barrett at Deepdale Stadium

The man famous for slapping Wayne Rooney during a WWE UK show is a huge football fan and supports his hometown club Preston North End.

Of all his accomplishments in WWE, perhaps Wade’s greatest moment was when he was able to tour Preston’s home stadium, Deepdale, during a promotional visit for WWE, where he could train with the first team and conduct media interviews while seated in the stadium.

Listen closely to Wade Barret on NXT and hardly a week goes by without him throwing in a niche football reference – his name drop of former Bolton star Mixu Paatelainen is by far our favorite so far.

MVP – Manchester United

MVP at Old Trafford

For many years, Sky Sports’ Soccer AM took great delight in inviting WWE superstars onto the show and getting them to pull a name out of a hat to adopt as their UK soccer team – did you know that Stone Cold Steve Austin was a Bolton “fan”? Because of the segment?

Many have been confused in the past and assumed this is how MVP became a Red Devils fan. His allegiance to United wasn’t just a happy choice though, he was actually introduced to the club by a friend and immediately bonded with the team. Handy when they are the most successful club in English football.

Prior to his return to WWE in 2020, MVP regularly fought on the independent scene in ring gear adorned with the Man Utd badge and colors, but we are yet to see that transition to WWE TV.

Rusev/Miro – Real Madrid

Former WWE star Rusev is a huge Real Madrid fan

While he likes to talk about Bulgarian legends like Hristo Stoichkov and Dimitar Bertatov, former WWE star Rusev is actually a fan of Spanish giants Real Madrid.

And no, not just a casual fan of one of the most famous clubs in the world. The Bulgarian has been quoted as saying in the past that he spends much of his free time watching Real and keeping up with their progress in La Liga and the Champions League.

He also once threatened to crush Gary Lineker, a former player for Madrid’s arch-rivals Barcelona. Granted it was just a joke as part of BT Sports’ WWE launch, but it proves just how much a man from Madrid Miro is.

Finn Balor – Tottenham Hotspur

Finn Balor at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium

Finn followed in his brother Colin’s footsteps and became a Spurs fan when he was just eight years old and the Irishman remains a huge fan to this day.

He was present to witness Spurs in the Champions League final in 2019, which apparently ended in disappointment, and is a regular at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium when back in Blightly.

Balor’s age before, The Demon is not unlike his team either. Spurs often seem to have a Jekyll and Hyde gimmick for their performances, leading to the term “Spursy” becoming the “Coupe de Grace” for most campaigns.

Triple H – West Ham United

Triple H at the London Stadium

The origins of Triple H’s affinity have never been made clear, though you’d like to think it ran deeper than a simple association between her Hammers moniker and The Game’s favorite tool.

Despite this, Trips has never been shy in mentioning his support for the East London Club, posting repeated images of him doing the “Hammer” post and even comparing the club to WWE thanks to his passionate fan base. Much more than other so-called WWE Hammer fans Seth Rollins or Batista have ever done.

Perhaps the biggest claret and blue feather in his cap, however, came when he sent Declan Rice a video message urging him to stay at the club. I’d listen to him young Declan, after all Hunter has some pretty devastating past crimes in his locker.


Former WWE Superstar Cesaro at a Juventus game

The former WWE star has a little buried loyalty at heart, as not only does he support his hometown club FC Luzern in Switzerland, but he’s also a self-confessed fan of Italian giants Juventus.

Luckily for him, it looks unlikely the two will ever face each other, leaving him free to focus on each team’s fate as he sees fit. And although we’ve spotted the Swiss cyborg in Man City and Aston Villa jerseys on WWE tours in the past, he’s happiest when sporting the famous black and white stripes of the Serie A old lady.

Zack Gibson-Liverpool

There is probably no one who connects WWE and football more closely than NXT star Zack Gibson, Liverpool’s number one.

Gibson’s entire gimmick uses elements of football culture, from the bomber jackets and football scarves he wears in the ring to his Scouse persona, which embodies him as a Liverpool supporter.

He’s not coming through NXT UK alone either. Rampage Brown is a big Leeds supporter while former Killian Dane follows Manchester United.

John Cena- Tottenham

We may have seen John Cena praise in the directors’ box at Stamford Bridge this week, but the WWE icon likely cheered on the opposition because he’s a Spurs fan…right?

Cena visited White Hart Lane in 2011 on a promotional tour of the UK ahead of the Royal Rumble and somehow found himself touring Tottenham’s stadium alongside former Spurs manager Gerry Francis – whose famous hairdo in a WWE world even now wouldn’t look out of place yet.

The sixteen-time champion was apparently taken back by the club, praising it as a ‘workman’s team’ and vowing his loyalty to the club at the time. However, we’re not sure if he’ll be a contender for Backer of the Year any time soon.

Gunther – Eintracht Frankfurt

This is a relatively new revelation, and it’s a connection yet to be confirmed by SmackDown’s newest recruit from NXT.

However, following Frankfurt’s win over Rangers in the 2022 Europa League final, the Austrian simply tweeted with a muscle emoji on Eintracht’s account. Was that a sign of his support for the German club or just a show of solidarity with his European neighbors?

Or could it be a sly goad for a certain Drew McIntyre, who was a losing side fan on the receiving end of the loss. We’re all for throwing niche football references into a TV feud to start a rivalry.

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