KISS becomes Knowledge, the logistics center for FIFA’s Football for Schools initiative.

In this regard, a memorandum of understanding between Youri Djorkaeff, CEO, FIFA Foundation, and Dr. Achyuta Samanta, Founder, KISS. The document sets out the terms of the commitment of both entities to explore opportunities together – particularly with a view to expanding the Football for Schools programme, which is already active in ten FIFA member associations, the statement said.

FIFA has selected KISS as the central agency for the promotion of football, as encouraged by the Prime Minister of Odisha Naveen Patnaiks attaches great importance to the promotion of sport as a whole.

Last October, KISS announced the launch of India’s first FIFA Football for Schools program in partnership with FIFA.

The latest development aims to take the engagement between FIFA and KISS, a KIIT component, to a new level. According to the letter, KISS will function as a knowledge center for Football for Schools training and as a logistical center for the distribution of Football for Schools balls.

On that occasion, Mr. Djorkaeff said: “It is with great pride and excitement that we sign this Memorandum of Understanding with the Kalinga Institute of Social Sciences today. The FIFA Foundation’s Football for Schools program was created to positively impact the lives of 700 million children.

“Football is the global game and we have already seen the power it has to unite, inspire and educate in all parts of the world through the work this program has already done. I am confident that the collaboration we have begun today will help to improve this even further and I applaud the opportunities it will no doubt offer to millions of children across the region,” said Dr. Samanta in his reaction. Dr. Samanta commended the Prime Minister for promoting sport on a large scale in the state and being a constant source of encouragement for all athletes.Football fans and lovers of the game have also welcomed the latest FIFA-KISS initiative and Congratulations to Dr. Samanta for the cooperation.

“The program is on track to achieve this goal and is actively involved South America, Africa, East Asiathat Caribbean, and the Arab world. The partnership that we are officially establishing here today is the next step on the way there India and South Asia,” he said

About KISS:

With 30,000 students and 30,000 satellite campus students, KISS is the world’s largest all-free residential school and university for Indigenous children. It has already offered many athletes a platform with state-of-the-art equipment.

Swiss National Councilor Dr. Nicholas Samuel Gugger is the global ambassador of KISS.

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