Liverpool Football Club signs Extreme Networks to improve Wi-Fi experience at Anfield

Just as the club is still able to lift an unprecedented four trophies in a season in which they have already won two, Liverpool Football Club is looking to set new standards in connectivity for fans at its historic home of Anfield and has hired Extreme Networks as Official Wi-Fi Network Solution Provider and Official Wi-Fi Analysis Provider in a multi-year partnership.

Deployment will begin later this year and will see Extreme equip Anfield Stadium with Extreme Wi-Fi 6E access points to provide the latest generation of wireless connectivity and allow fans to access digital amenities such as mobile ticketing and concessions use and participate in in-stadium activities such as non-fungible tokens (NFTs). It will also provide the infrastructure for the club to launch innovative and immersive new services such as augmented and virtual reality (AR/VR) in the future.

With ExtremeAnalytics, Liverpool FC will gain real-time data including fan foot traffic, app usage across the stadium, popular concessions and in-game points when fans are most digitally engaged. Armed with these insights, the club will be able to make data-driven decisions, provide more personalized fan experiences and improve operational efficiencies on matchday.

The wireless network is managed by ExtremeCloud IQ, which helps stadium officials monitor and control Wi-Fi capacity and efficiency, configure devices, and gain insight into real-time analytics. This will help the club streamline network management and performance, and scale IT operations within the footprint of the iconic Anfield stadium, home to Liverpool since 1892.

Drew Crisp, Senior Vice President of Digital at Liverpool Football Club said: “We are delighted to be working with Extreme to deliver outstanding connectivity and analytics at the stadium. This deal will offer supporters the latest generation of wireless connectivity, allowing them to take full advantage of our world-class digital offerings when visiting Anfield.

“Our home stadium is known for its rich history, and Extreme will allow us to enhance the on-site digital fan experience while delivering the critical insights we need to continue to innovate and enhance the digital journeys for our fans. “

“This agreement with Extreme will provide supporters with the latest generation of wireless connectivity and enable them to take full advantage of our world-class digital offerings when visiting Anfield.”

Drew Crisp, Liverpool FC

Norman Rice, Chief Operating Officer at Extreme Networks added, “Connectivity is the foundation for next-generation mobile services such as biometrics, interactive stadium apps and on-demand concessions at major venues.

“At a stadium like Anfield, home to 54,000 fans, Extreme will deliver next-generation wireless connectivity and a gold mine of network insights that will help Liverpool Football Club better understand its fanbase, generate new revenue streams and streamline overall matchday operations to enhance. We are proud to play such a pivotal role in the ongoing development of one of the most beloved esports organizations in the world.”

The Anfield effort follows a series of similar Extreme appointments at iconic sports venues, including the Los Angeles Coliseum; Olympiastadion Berlin, where the installation of Wi-Fi 6 was the first and largest public deployment of the new wireless technology in a European stadium; and Old Trafford, Manchester.

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