Missing Jordan Addison is no big deal

It seems clear that last season’s Biletnikoff winner will not be there Alabama football. Several Crimson Tide insiders have consistently said Addison to Tuscaloosa is unlikely. Perhaps West Coast attractions and a proud zero deal are too much for the young man to turn down Lincoln Riley’s offer.

Some college football pundits have suggested that Addison to USC has long been a done deal that was deliberately delayed until claims of manipulation faded. Others argue that Steve Sarkisian and Texas are still in the mix.

Addison would have excelled at catching Bryce Young’s passes. But the Alabama Crimson Tide roster is packed with talented receivers. In schools where they could become “the” guy, some of the Tide receivers could have Biletnikoff-level potential.

An advantage without Addison is that any perceived obstacles to the future of young Crimson Tide wideouts are removed.

While there’s no indication Nick Saban ever reached a certain point with Addison, he could have used an old line of recruitment. Many years ago, when the Alabama program needed every elite recruit it could sign, Nick Saban reportedly told Julio Jones the tide would win with or without him.

Even more, the Crimson Tide will be fine without Jordan Addison and win just as much.

Young Alabama Football wideouts looking to break through

  • second grader Yes’ Corey Brooks is a likely starter in 2022.
  • Second year, according to insiders JoJo Earle had a great spring and is ready to make an important contribution.
  • second grader Christian Leary
  • student in the first year Aaron Anderson
  • student in the first year Kendrick law
  • student in the first year Isaiah Bond
  • student in the first year Shazz Preston
  • student in the first year Kobe apprentice

Two juniors are missing from the junior list, Traeshon Holden and Thaiu Jones-Bell or transfers Jermaine Burton and Tyler Harell.

Law and Anderson stood out at times during spring training. Summer additions Bond, Preston and Prentice are no less talented. Bond has the high school speed record on the track.

Every roster in the nation has room for a Biletnikoff winner, but Alabama wasn’t a school in dire need of another wideout. Again, no Addison is no problem for the Crimson Tide.

Just a hunch, but Alabama is probably done with the additions to the 2022 roster. Nick Saban still has to cut the roster a bit. As always, the numbers work.

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