New lawn watering schedule begins June 1 at La Verne – Daily Bulletin

La Verne residents may struggle to keep their lawns green when restrictions on once-a-week outdoor watering are in place from June 1. The measure was issued in response to an emergency order from the region’s largest water wholesaler last month.

In a unanimous vote on Monday May 16, La Verne City Council passed its own emergency ordinance to reduce outdoor watering to one day per week and urge residents to reduce water use by 20%. As of June 1, casting of addresses ending in even numbers is allowed from Tuesday 6 p.m. to Wednesday 10 a.m. and from Thursday 6 p.m. to Friday 10 a.m. for addresses with odd numbers.

However, manual watering of trees is exempt from the one-day-a-week limit, as are drip irrigation systems, the city said.

Designated fire hazard zones north of Baseline Road are exempt from the one day per week watering restriction but must meet a mandated 20% reduction in overall water use.

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