Overwatch Anniversary Remix: Vol. 2 Event Now Live – Rewards and Schedule

Overatch’s Anniversary Remix Event is back, bringing back past seasonal brawls, cosmetics, and challenge skins for a limited time. The Anniversary Remix Vol. 2 event is one of the biggest hits of all past Overwatch seasonal events. Brawls from the game’s Summer Games, Halloween Terror, Summer Games, Archives, Year of the Tiger, and Winter Wonderlands will be playable on a rotating schedule, and cosmetics that can normally only be earned during these seasonal events can now be found in Anniversary Loot Boxes . There are even a few new skins up for grabs in the form of variations on existing Legendary skins for heroes like Hanzo, Roadhog, Lucio, Symmetra, Ana, and Sombra. Here you will find everything you need to know about the event, which takes place from May 17th to June 7th.

Weekly challenge rewards

Playing and winning matches unlocks rewards every week. Wins count as three games played. You must “play” a total of 27 games each week to unlock all rewards. Dedicated players may have already unlocked these skins as part of previous challenge events, but for those who missed out the first time, this is your chance.

Currently running: Overwatch Anniversary Remix: Vol. 2

Week 1 17-24 May

dr  Ziegler Mercy Skin
dr Ziegler Mercy Skin
  • dr Ziegler Player Icon – Play 9 games
  • Lab Coats & Test Sprays – Play 18 games
  • Legendary Dr Ziegler Mercy Skin – Play 27 games

Week 2 24-31 May

Mardi Gras Ash Skin
Mardi Gras Ash Skin
  • Mardi Gras Ashe and Bob Player Icons – Play 9 games
  • Gold Mask Spray – Play 18 games
  • Epic Mardi Gras Ashe Skin – Play 27 games

Week 3 May 31 – June 7

Maestro Sigma skin
Maestro Sigma skin
  • Maestro Sigma Player Icon – Play 9 games
  • Maestro Emote – Play 18 games
  • Legendary Maestro Sigma Skin – Play 27 games

Anniversary Remix Vol. 2 Battle Plan

Winter Wonderland: Snowball Deathmatch, Meis Snowball Offensive, Yeti Hunter, Freezethaw Elimination – May 17th, 24th, 31st, 7th June

  • Year of the Tiger: Capture the Flag, Capture the Flag Blitz, Bounty Hunter – May 18, June 25, June 1
  • Archive Missions: Uprising (Story), Retribution (Story), Storm Rising (Story), Uprising (All Heroes), Retribution (All Heroes), Storm Rising (All Heroes) – May 19th, June 26th, June 2nd
  • Archive Challenge Missions: Bulletproof Barriers, Molten Cores, Glass Cannon, Favor Gains, Surgical Strike, Melee, Thunderstorm, Rising Blood Moon, Raging Storm – May 20th, June 27th, June 3rd
  • Summer Games: Lucioball, Lucioball Remix – May 21, June 28, June 4
  • Halloween Terror Brawls: Junkenstein’s Revenge, Junkenstein’s Endless – May 22nd, 29th, June 5th
  • Halloween Terror Challenge Missions: Vengeful Ghost, Volatile Zomnics, Mystery Swap, Frenzied Stampede, Three They Were, Shocking Surprise – May 23rd, June 30th, June 6th

Keep in mind that all skins earned in Overwatch and through this event will carry over to the upcoming Overwatch 2, which has just completed its first PvP beta. A second beta will follow, and Blizzard will announce more details about it and the future of Overwatch 2 on June 16th.

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