Pederson “Football is important to them…”

“I believe there has to be some kind of healing with the situation that happened last year; there is a trust that has been broken,” Pederson said. “For me, it’s about regaining confidence. You have to see it through me. You have to see the transparency, the honesty.

“I have always said that I will be open with them and I want them to be open with me. It just comes down to communication and an open line of communication. This way we were able to have some conversations in team settings.

“I think the guys have really embraced it and are doing well.”

Pederson discussed the team’s kicker situation last weekend. After the team fired kicker Matthew Wright last week, the Jaguars now have two kickers on the roster: first-year veteran Ryan Santoso and rookie free agent Andrew Mevis.

  • Santoso has spent portions of the last four seasons with the Detroit Lions, Tennessee Titans, Carolina Panthers, Los Angeles Rams and New York Giants; He has made four out of five field goal attempts of his career.
  • Mevis, who played for Fordham before moving to Iowa State, made 30 of 33 college field goals, including all three field goals from 50 yards or more.

“You get to a point where you don’t want to have too many kickers in the room, but we have a lot of competition there with Ryan and now Mevis,” Pederson said. “[We] I just want to see consistency in what we are asking of this position. We know we need to improve there and get better there and that’s a big part of winning and losing and whether we go in there or three points or whatever it is. It will be great for both guys who are now moving forward to create this competition.”

Pederson also discussed during the minicamp the team’s 2022 schedule, which was announced last Thursday and includes just one prime-time game — a Thursday night game against the New York Jets on Dec. 22. The Jaguars have only played one prime-time game each of the past four seasons and have not played on a Sunday night since 2008 or a Monday night since 2011. “I know the history here,” Pederson said. “We have to win to do that in the future, to be on a Sunday or Monday night and I understand that. That is the challenge for us.”

Jaguars LB Devin Lloyd on fellow Jaguars from round one 2022, overall no. 1 OLB Travon Walker: “About what I expected, sporty freak. He’s very strong and he’s someone I’m glad I’m not playing left and right… because that’s a bad man. It’s really fun to be out there with him and us and push each other to get better.”

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