Players Collaborative Fund awards $20,000 to local performing arts and social change organization The Theater Offensive

FOXBOROUGH, Mass. – The New England Revolution Players Collaborative Fund has donated $20,000 to The Theater Offensive, a Boston-based social change organization focused on queer and trans people of color and their allies by transforming theater and the creative process as a cultural organizational tool. With this latest donation, Revolution players have given $100,000 to grassroots organizations across the New England area working to advance social justice and dismantle systemic racism.

“Black Players for Change is thrilled to partner with The Theater Offensive to uplift queer and transgender people of color through liberating arts,” said New England Revolution gatekeeper and Black Players for Change President and Co-Founder Earl Edwards Jr. “I I am thrilled that our collaborative fund has reached the $100,000 mark as we continue to bridge the racial equality divide in society, and we are proud to partner with TTO as allies in developing the next generation of leaders within their important movement to stand.”

The mission of The Theater Offensive is to showcase liberating art by, for and about queer and trans* people of color that transcends artistic boundaries, celebrates cultural richness and dismantles oppression. Founded in 1989, TTO builds on a rich history of activism spanning more than 30 years. The organization engages those most directly affected to become leaders at the forefront of the movement by sharing their stories, while youth leadership helps amplify youth voices and support youth of color to become the current leaders of the become movement. Visit to learn more about theirs programs, Upcoming Eventsand how Join us.

“The Theater Offensive is grateful to partner with the New England Revolution, its players and its supporters,” said Cheyenne Myrie, TTO’s Director of Institutional Advancement. “This gift will help us continue to provide supportive and creative environments for queer and trans youth and artists of color throughout Boston.”

Each beneficiary of the Revolution Players Collaborative Fund, funded by the Kraft family, is selected by a coalition of Revolution players, including several members of Black Players for Change, an independent organization made up of over 170 black players, coaches and staff at the MLS exists that work to bridge the racial equality divide that exists in society. NECAT and EACH join previous beneficiaries Dress for Success Providence, Bottom line Boston, Weightlifting downtownthat Center for Health and Justice TransformationNew England Culinary Arts Training (NECAT) and the Emerging Adult Court of Hope (EACH).

Black Players for Change (BPC) is a 501(c)(3) independent organization comprised of more than 170 Black MLS players, coaches and staff working to bridge society’s racial equality divide. BPC is committed to addressing the racial injustices that prevent black people from having a fair share of the game of football and society. The organization’s many goals include bringing attention to human rights inequalities, from protests to programs, partnerships and policies that address systemic discrimination. For more information visit or continue to follow us Twitter and Instagram. #TogetherItWillBeChange.

The New England Revolution Collaborative Players Fund is a pillar of the club’s CHANGE platform dedicated to addressing social injustice and racial inequality in the local community. CHANGE stands for Converse, Help, Amplify, Nurture, Galvanize and Educate. Learn more about the CHANGE platform at

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