Riot releases schedule for MSI 2022 Rumble Stage

With the group stage of the tournament over, it’s time for the bigger competition. Riot released the MSI 2022 Rumble Stage, the begins May 20th with the battle between G2 Esports and T1.

According to the announcement The Rumble Stage lasts five days. There will be six games each day and each team will play twice during this daily period. The teams are those who have secured the first two seeded groups. In the end, the top four teams advance to the playoffs, which begin with the semifinals. The final two teams of the Rumble Stage will play the first match of the stage between G2 Esports and T1, one of the most anticipated matchups of the tournament. The schedule for the first day is below.

How to watch MSI 2022 live
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Schedule for day 1

  • T1 – G2 Esports | 8:00 UTC
  • Evil Geniuses – Royal Never Gives Up | 9:00 UTC
  • PSG Talon – Saigon Buffalo | 10:00 UTC
  • G2 Esports – Royal Never Gives Up | 11:00 UTC
  • Saigon Buffalo – Evil Geniuses | 12:00 UTC
  • PSG Claw – T1 | 13:00 UTC

Three teams dominated their respective groups during the group stages of this year’s MSI. T1, G2 Esports and Royal never give up ended their run without a single loss and now face each other in the upcoming phase. It will be interesting to see G2 and T1 in the opening match of the competition. G2 have the toughest schedule as they will face off against Royal Never Give Up after meeting T1. The two Asian teams are the undisputed contenders for this year’s MSI trophy, and if G2 challenge them and maybe get a win on day one, it will be to their advantage in the matchups to come

Even more MSI 2022 betting odds!

There will be many different options for MSI 2022 betting odds on different websites. That Matchups on day one are pretty predictable except for the big games like; G2 Esports-T1 and G2 Esports-Royal never give up. The coming week could have the biggest chance of this year’s eSports betting fortune as all games will be at the highest level with well-known players! The group stage games were pretty one-sided with three teams going unbeaten. The level of the teams was uneven, but this time we have the opportunity to see how they compete against themselves. With the upcoming level of participants, the competition will be bigger than ever and it will eventually increase as we get closer to the end.

All matches will be streamed live on the official Riot Games Twitch and YouTube channels. The games start and end at the same time every day between May 20th and May 24th. Visit the Riot Games official website for more information and the schedule for other days. Just two more days until the launch of MSI 2022’s biggest stage yet!

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