Should Notre Dame put names on the back of their football shirts?

You didn’t even call me by my name

Today we’re going to talk about names on the Notre Dame Fighting Irish Football Team shirts. It’s one of the things we don’t think about much because of tradition and the way the kits have been over the years. However, I’m sure there are some dissenting opinions about the fact that the football team members don’t have names on their shirts. In the college football FBS landscape, it’s rare that guys don’t have names on their jerseys, and it’s especially rare now that we’re entering the NIL era of collegiate athletics.

In my opinion, I like that the shirts usually don’t have names on the back of the shirts. My reasoning is pretty old-school and admittedly a bit lame, but I don’t really care. I like that the ND soccer shirts are very simple and don’t have names on the back. The aspect of the game that is about the team and not about the individual still has some value for me.

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However, I will say that I like the names on the jerseys for the bowl games. Maybe I like this more because Ara originally introduced this when Notre Dame started playing in bowl games under Ara’s coaching regime. It was a fond reminder for players to have the Bowl Game patch and their name on a Notre-Dame jersey. A cup or big game win might mean more, but I think that still resonates with the lads every year.

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: DEC 28  Camping World Bowl – Notre Dame vs. Iowa State

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So yes, I acknowledge that my opinion on this could be taken as an excuse. But another factor is that the players don’t seem to mind that they don’t have names on the back of their shirts (or at least we haven’t heard much about it publicly). Freeman could usher in a new era with all-or-no names for bowl games. The no-names still make us unique and a mentality that every game is for the betterment of the team, not the individual. That’s a real Notre Dame vibe and idea.

Also, USC doesn’t write names on their jerseys. When we play against our greatest rival, one of the most legendary matchups in the sport, both teams are represented by how their jerseys and helmets look/represent their programs. It’s a very cool sight and one I don’t want to see go away. The more people watch games on TV, the better it is for viewers and media members to see names, but personally I don’t think that’s a good enough reason. Do not keep names during the regular season and I would be fine with names for postseason games.


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What do you think about it? Let us know in the comments if you’re with me or you think my attitude is too old fashioned.

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