The Arizona Cardinals schedule for 2022

NFL schedulers didn’t mess around when compiling the 2022 Arizona Cardinals roster.

Whether it’s matches against familiar faces, a revamped AFC West, or the usual divisional rivals, there’s plenty to experience.

So let’s simplify things.

Cardinals Corner co-hosts Tyler Drake and Erik Ruby looked at each of the matchups on the schedule and did their best — you guessed it — seven words or fewer.

Week 1 – vs. the Kansas City Chiefs

Drake: Not a foregone conclusion as some might think.

Ruby: Will overreact regardless of outcome.

Week 2 – at the Las Vegas Raiders

Drake: Chandler Jones Revenge Game. Talk about yikes.

Ruby: HIGH chance of 0-2.

Week 3 – against the Los Angeles Rams

Drake: Can they early delete last year’s optics?

Ruby: The Mental Toughness Test by Kyler Murray.

Week 4 – at the Carolina Panthers

Drake: Cliff’s sending them “Sorry” text this time.

Ruby: More worried than I should be.

Week 5 – vs Philadelphia Eagles

Drake: Strong probability for consecutive Ws.

Ruby: Could be a turning point if there are problems.

Week 6 – at the Seattle Seahawks

Drake: Things tend to get weird in Seattle.

Ruby: There will be a certainty.

Week 7 – vs. New Orleans Saints (Thursday Night Football)

Drake: DeAndre Hopkins returns to prime time.

Ruby: Will overreact no matter what the point. 2.

Week 8 – at the Minnesota Vikings

Drake: Extra prep time. Can’t be flat.

Ruby: The Real Hop Test.

Week 9 – vs. Seattle Seahawks

Drake: Can’t pass up this winnable game.

Ruby: Chance to build momentum.

Week 10 – at the Los Angeles Rams

Drake: Must put wild card in back view.

Ruby: Should be in a groove here.

Week 11 – vs. San Francisco 49ers (Monday Night Soccer in Mexico City)

Drake: International Primetime Game in Division. Buckle up.

Ruby: Feel a high-scoring duel in Mexico.

Week 12 – vs. Los Angeles Chargers

Drake: The third Musketeer of the AFC West Gauntlet.

Ruby: Insane talent on both sides when he’s healthy.

Week 13 – Bye week

Drake: “Treat yourself” before the last jab.

Ruby: I hope they don’t lose their rhythm.

Week 14 – vs. New England Patriots (Monday Night Football)

Drake: Round 2 between Master and Apprentice.

Ruby: Cole Strange master class is coming.

Week 15 – at Denver Broncos

Drake: New division, same Russell Wilson?

Ruby: Potential heartthrob.

Week 16 – vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (Sunday Night Football on Christmas)

Drake: Is coal part of Tom Brady’s diet?

Ruby: When the national media make up their minds.

Week 17 – at the Atlanta Falcons

Drake: No Calvin Ridley, no problem.

Ruby: Hit her. As simple as that.

Week 18 – at the San Francisco 49ers

Drake: Time with Trey Lance in the Bay Area?

Ruby: Still not used to week 18, weird.

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