The toughest game on the Commanders’ schedule for 2022

The Washington Commanders schedule was released Thursday and the excitement among fans was palpable. That alone speaks volumes for the NFL’s popularity considering we’ve known the team’s opponents for months.

Fans, writers and pundits alike have dabbled in predictions, which is almost comical considering they can only base arguments on squad talent when injuries and other extenuating circumstances might later come into the picture.

On the surface, Washington’s timeline is extremely favorable. If you don’t believe the combined record of opponents from the previous season, their opponents’ expected wins put them in sixth lightest schedule.

bottom line? Even the most pessimistic fan can find optimism in the Commanders’ 2022 schedule. Of course it won’t be a cakewalk. It’s never in the NFL. Sure, there will be easy pairings, but these can prove to be trap games.

There are also brutal tracks that can define a team’s season when they don’t live up to expectations. With that in mind, let’s see if we can identify the toughest stretch on Washington’s hectic 17-game list.

What will be the toughest stretch of play on the Commanders 2022 regular season schedule?

It’s honestly a toss between two different tracks.

The fact that the Commanders finish the campaign on Christmas Eve in San Francisco (the 49ers were one win away from another Super Bowl appearance in 2021) at home against the Browns, who are likely in the AFC with Deshaun Watson as chairman of the Going on offense , and at home against the Cowboys, who surpassed Washington 83-34 last year, is brutal and could make or break their season.

If this track got someone’s vote, you’d be totally justified. It’s the obvious pick, though, so we’ll highlight another worthy candidate.

We all know the Commanders got lucky with their opening plan: home vs. Jacksonville, away vs. Detroit, and home vs. the Eagles. The next two games – in Dallas and in Tennessee – are scary, but the team is saved by a trip to Chicago in week 6 for Thursday Night Football prime time.

We’re not going to settle for a two-game run, that brings us to the four-game gauntlet fight after the Bears showdown. It begins with Week 7 against the Packers at FedEx Field, where Washington gets a chance to avenge their loss to Green Bay in 2021, where they missed countless scoring chances.

Even though Aaron Rodgers lost Davante Adams, we’re still talking about one of the greatest quarterback talents of all time, playmakers on both sides of the ball and an elite head coach in Matt LaFleur.

From there, Ron Rivera’s group will travel to Indianapolis to take on the playoff hopefuls Colts, who could be a sneaky Super Bowl contender if the offensive line stays healthy and Matt Ryan gives them a spark under center.

The Commanders will be underdogs in this duel for sure, and their next two encounters won’t get any easier. In week 9 they get Kirk Cousins ​​and the star-studded Vikings offensive at home. That will be a 1 p.m. ET opener, and we all know that was Cousins ​​Money’s timeslot in his career.

Jokes aside, this is another playoff-caliber team … and Washington will get another in Week 10 when Carson Wentz returns to Philadelphia for the first time since his 2020 offseason move. To top it off, it will be broadcast nationally on Monday night football.

So what’s your choice? The four-game streak of the Packers, Colts, Vikings and Eagles mid-schedule or the three-game stretch against the 49ers, Browns and Cowboys to wrap up the campaign? You can’t go wrong either way, but Dallas, who may not have anything to play in Week 18, forces us to choose the former. After all, it wouldn’t be a surprise if all four teams made the playoffs in 2022.

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