Transport for NSW chooses Alvaria Workforce Engagement Management Suite for back-office and agent improvement tools and mobile appointment management

Sydney, Australia–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Transport for NSW, a leader in developing safe, integrated and efficient transport systems for the people of New South Wales, has selected the Alvaria WEM Suite, provided by Alvaria distribution partner Call Design.

Transport for NSW needed a solution that would seamlessly integrate with the entire workforce scheduling cycle and integrated with the omnichannel contact center that includes voice, live chat and back office capabilities. To take advantage of the superior forecasting, planning and monitoring capabilities available, the Alvaria WEM Suite was chosen.

Transport for NSW chose Alvaria Workforce because it offered the technology and features they needed to keep their workforce productive and engaged. The ability to easily create and customize reports in Employee Datacenter and allow Transport for NSW employees to request planned deals, overtime or annual leave right from their mobile devices is a great way to keep employees busy.

Mark Uremovic, Resource Planning Manager at Transport for NSW said: “When we were looking for a staff retention product we did a lot of research. We chose Alvaria Workforce because the results of our research showed us that it is the strongest product on the market and offers the functionality we required. The choice was easy.”

Steve Seger, Alvaria’s Chief Commercial Officer, said, “It is an honor to once again work with Call Design. They deliver the robust functionality Transport for NSW needs to forecast, schedule and help agents perform at their best.”

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