Where to see Machine Gun Kelly’s new movie

Apparently not satisfied with 17 million monthly Spotify listeners and an engagement to Megan Fox, MGK has found a new hobby – film directing. Good Mourning is Machine Gun Kelly’s brand new co-directorial debut with an impressive cast. Read on to find out where to watch Good Mourning.

What we know so far

Machine Gun Kelly doesn’t seem like the type to do things low key. And from what we know about his new release, Good Mourning is no exception to that rule.

Co-directed by jack of all trades MOD SUN, Good Mourning tells the story of the London Clash, played by MGK. The film is scheduled for release on Friday May 20, 2022

Clash is a rising TV star who faces a difficult dilemma when his longtime girlfriend seems to dump him on the morning of an important work meeting.

Although this was a directorial debut for MGK, it still managed to put together an impressive cast.

With the likes of Pete Davidson, Becky G and a cameo from Snoop Dogg, there’s no shortage of familiar faces.

At the pinnacle of notoriety, however, is the apple of MGK’s eye – Megan Fox. There really isn’t anything Hollywood’s favorite couple wouldn’t do together.

You can watch the trailer here.

Where to see Good Mouring

So where can you watch the new Good Mourning movie?

Like many modern releases, Good Mourning is available to watch instantly on streaming services.

And thankfully, viewers have a wide range of streaming options available.

Good Mourning can be purchased on iTunes and also streamed on Amazon, Comcast, Cox, DIRECTV, Google Play, Spectrum and Vudu.

Early indications are that Good Mouring is making waves. MOD SUN today claims that the new release had shot to number 3 on the iTunes movie charts.

There is also a limited US theatrical run for Good Mourning.

Check here if you can catch the Good Mourning film on a screen near you.

Can you see Good Mourning in the UK?

Unfortunately, Machine Gun Kelly’s new release is currently only available in the US.

At this time we have not received any updates on when streaming will be available globally.

In other news, Good Mourning: Where to Watch Machine Gun Kelly’s New Movie

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