Matt Nuckols takes on the challenge of making Wes Del football a winner

MUNCIE, Indiana — Wes Del football has not had a successful season since 2016-17, and last fall’s 0-8 record was its worst yet.

Ryan Cole, who replaced longtime coach Brad Hess, left after just a year to oversee Centerville’s program. The move caught sporting director Kye Denney by surprise and he once again looked for a coach, hoping to find a long-term solution.

Matt Nuckols officially retired on May 12th. He has coached football and basketball at Wes-Del middle and high schools for the past decade, but retired from the gridiron last year after the birth of his second child and took up a new job as an elementary school assistant principal.

Denney approached Nuckols to replace Hess, but Nuckols had too many other commitments to worry about. This spring, however, the timing was right. Nuckols missed the game and Denney believes his passion for the opportunity made him the perfect choice.

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