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New cost-specific details for UCF’s future football campus have emerged ahead of a meeting of the Board of Trustees’ Facilities and Infrastructure Committee next week.

When UCF athletics director Terry Mohajir first unveiled his “unique concept” for a football campus at the Kenneth G. Dixon Athletics Village, only the total cost was shared — about $130 million.

A projected cost breakdown has now been released showing how much each component will be worth as UCF continues to move forward with the major project.

Before groundbreaking occurs, UCF could commit up to $4.8 million in funding to begin the design phase of the football campus projects. The Orlando Business Journal first reported these new numbers.

As previously reported, projects at the football campus include the expansion of UCF’s football stadium in the form of a south tower, McNamara Cove, the renovation of the Wayne Densch Sports Center, the relocation of a football practice pitch and more seating on the north side of the stadium.

The largest parts of the project are the stadium expansion and renovation of the Wayne Densch Sports Center.

The proposed south tower will include football staff offices overlooking the pitch, as well as a Galaxy/Big XII Founders Club for high-level donors and a club lounge with newly created box office seating.

For the construction of the stadium’s south tower, UCF would remove 4,600 bench seats to construct 1,050 new backed club seats.

The South Tower has a projected total cost of $60.09 million according to the plans.

Meanwhile, on the opposite side of the stadium, two equally sized seating decks are planned for the north end zone. A new hall, which will include restrooms and concessions, will be constructed beneath the seating and will surround the current video panel structure to connect the two seating areas.

About 5,000 seats will be provided by the North Tower project, which is expected to cost $29.76 million.

In total, the north and south towers will increase total capacity from 45,040 to approximately 46,490, a 3.22% increase in capacity according to plans.

As football offices move into the stadium and away from the Wayne Densch Sports Center, the center can be renovated to provide more space for athletes.

According to the plans, work will be carried out throughout the building to include major improvements and expansions to the following spaces: Headquarters for Sports Medicine and Sports Performance, locker room and players’ lounge for soccer teams, and meeting place for student athletes.

Overall, the expected cost of the Wayne Densch Sports Center renovation is estimated at $20.26 million.

Then there’s McNamara Cove, which Mohajir described as a “recreational river.” That’s expected to cost about $5.8 million, according to the estimated probable cost.

With McNamara Cove expected to be built on the southwest side of the stadium, the west football practice field would be moved to the east side of the second practice field, where land is currently vacant.

According to the plans, the relocation of the football practice field could cost 4.74 million dollars.

In addition to McNamara Cove, UCF will expand the parking lot near the Roth Athletics Center and build a new Nicholson Plaza that will serve as a “town square” for soccer adjacent to McNamara Cove.

This parking lot expansion and new space is expected to cost around $4.3 million, according to the plans.

Collectively, these projects, all dubbed the UCF Athletics Association Football Campus Projects, are expected to cost $125 million. The plans make it clear that these costs are estimates only and are subject to change due to “scope changes, schedule delays and market conditions.”

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If the Facilities and Infrastructure Committee approves the plans, which will be recommended during the May 25 meeting, the plans will then be presented to the Main Board of Trustees.

The trustees are scheduled to meet the next day.

No specific timeline for completion was disclosed in the plans.

Funding for the plans is said to come from private donations and new revenue streams such as increased distribution of funds from UCF’s future athletics conference, the Big 12.

Last year, the Big 12 distributed $345 million to their 10 members, or $34.5 million per school, according to ESPN. Meanwhile, UCF’s current conference, the AAC, is distributing around $7 million per school, Sports Business Journal reported in 2019.

According to the plan, no public funds or study funds are to be used for the construction or support of the stadium.

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